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The S11V is a cost-effective veterinary ultrasound, cart based system delivering great technologies and providing versatility and excellent performance for the modern, small or mixed animal veterinary clinics and research laboratories. Developed on the new SonoScape software platform and sophisticated ergonomic design, the S11V is specially optimized for smooth workflow and convenient operation. Compact in size while maximized in functionality and features, the S11V is engineered for all aspects of veterinary ultrasound imaging with multiple standards and optional imaging technologies at an affordable price.
Features & Benefits:
Major features such as a specialized veterinary patient information input interface, dedicated structure of veterinary applications and presets, veterinary application icons and body marks, reproductive gestational age and obstetric calculation package makes this system an advance and dedicated veterinary ultrasound system.
Proven Technologies
  Tissue Harmonic Imaging

  Trapezoidal Imaging

  Micro-scan Speckle Reduction
Broad Range of Applications
Designed for a board range of animal clinical applications: abdominal, reproductive, cardiac, tendinous, thoracic, and small parts exams for large or small animals, including
feline, canine, equine, bovine, ovine and suidae.
Streamlined design
The ergonomics of the S11V ensures the convenience of daily operation and reduces repetitive stress injuries due to daily activities. This streamlined console with space for peripherals such as video printers is easy to move from room to room. The system's operation panel has been designed to be both user-intuitive and ergonomic. All these factors contribute for better workflow and higher efficiency.