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The S8V provides a combination of technologies to meet all your high performance application requirements, such as Tissue Doppler Imaging, Steer M mode, Panoramic Imaging and so on, which are rarely seen on veterinary ultrasound systems. The advanced imaging technologies, friendly ergonomic design and powerful veterinary software packages make S8V an advance and professional vet ultrasound scanner.
Tissue Doppler Imaging
TDI is a new technique to display velocities of normal and pathologic myocardial structures during the cardiac cycle, facilitating clinical researchers to analyze and compare motions of different areas of animal hearts.
Steer M mode
By detecting ventricular wall motion in animals, clinicians and researchers can make precise cardiac diagnosis and research reports.
Panoramic Imaging
A continuous image promises a clear vision and more information of tissue and lesions, facilitating clinicians to make quick and precise diagnosis for large lesions.
Stress Echo
Stress Echo is a cardiology specific, protocol driven application for comparative studies in cardiac wall motion. It allows images to be captured at rest and at peak exercise and reviewed in a side-by-side format for analysis.
Multi-beam Processing
Multi-beam imaging can enhance lateral and time resolution, so that it can not only help the diagnosis of cardiovascular disease but also lays the foundation for real-time 3D imaging.
Professional veterinary software and transducers
The S8V is suitable for scanning Canine, Feline, Bovine, Equine and Ovine with its powerful software. It provides transrectal linear, high frequency phased array and high frequency micro convex with CW function transducers.
IMT Measurement, Triplex, Volumetric 4D image, Color M, PW/CW, HPRF, DICOM 3.0