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More than a decade ago, with the goal of Setting New Standards in Price and Performance, SonoScape specialized itself in ultrasound diagnostic systems and transducers. In 2004 SonoScape released the 15 inch LCD portable color Doppler Ultrasound System. Shortly afterwards SonoScape’s product received FDA approval and CE certification and started to be serviced all over the world.
Motivated by our goal, we have established a global R&D team with research centers in China and abroad to make the innovative medical technologies accessible and affordable.  To reach this goal, SonoScape has continuously introduced new medical products and technologies into the market every year.
Consequently SonoScape has expanded into the fields of Endoscopy, Electrocardiography and In-Vitro Diagnostics to continue providing better healthcare solutions to the world for the purpose of meeting the diagnostic needs of our worldwide customer base.
With the Vision of "Caring for Life through Innovation", SonoScape has developed and manufactured high quality medical equipment which has benefited millions of people. SonoScape products have become indispensable tools for doctors and clinicians world wide when making critical decisions and reducing their workload.
 Inspired by the medical needs of the world, we shall continue to dedicate ourselves to delivering meaningful and accessible medical solutions to change lives for the better.